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  • SodaStream External Hose & Adapter Kit
  • SodaStream External Hose & Adapter Kit
  • SodaStream External Hose & Adapter Kit
SodaStream External Hose & Adapter KitSodaStream External Hose & Adapter KitSodaStream External Hose & Adapter Kit

SodaStream External Hose & Adapter Kit

  • Food-Grade Material
  • CO2 Tank Refill Adapter and Line
  • Soda Club Parts and Accessories
  • Length of the Hose: You demand
  • Product description: Sparkling Water Maker Connecting Hose with W21.8-14/DIN 477 Or CGA320 Quick Disconnect Connector

Soda Stream SodaStream/Soda Club to External Co2 Tank Adapter and Hose Kit W21.8-14/DIN 477 Or CGA320 W/Quick Disconnect Connector

From Male Thread of T21*4 to Female Thread of W21.8-14/DIN477 or CGA320.

Any length of this hose is OK.

It fits your sodastream machine or Sparkling Water Maker perfectly.

Wanna Find More Information about the adapter shown on the picture above? Just click here.

Soda Stream SodaStream/ Soda Club to External Co2 Tank Adapter And Hose Line Kit

  • Thread for SodaStream T21*4.
  • With Qui ck Disconnect Connector.
  • External Tank Cyclinder Valve Connector Thread W21.8-14 Or CGA320.
  • Hose Lenght 50Inch(125cm) Or 100Inch(250cm).
  • Use For SodaStream / Soda Club To External Tank Cyclinder Connect.

With 8mm Male Plug/ Quick Disconnect Coupler

60" SodaStream Soda Maker Club External Hose & Adapter Kit to CGA320 or DIN477/W21.8 CO2 Tank

This sodastream maker machine external hose kit with 2 styles connector to connect with large Co2 tank:
  • CGA320 Valve of CO2 Tank (USA, CAN, Brazil, Colombia, Philippines...)
  • DIN477 / W21.8-14(right hand) / JIS m22-14 Valve of CO2 Tank (KOR, JP, UK, Germany, France, Poland, Norway, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, Sweden, Chile, Czech Republic, Singapore...)
Allows to use a standard CGA-320 or DIN477/W21.8 large CO2 tank in most sodastream machines. Works with most Sodastream Soda Machines and allows normal operation without any permanent changes. Save money on refills. This system allows you to connect your Soda-Club / Sodastream Machine to an external Non-Siphon CO2 Tank that has a CGA-320 or DIN477/W21.8 Outlet Valve, like 5lb, 20LB or 50lb commercial CO2 tanks. Hose length 60″, high pressure hose (working pressure 7000psi).

Note:CGA 320 or DIN477/W21.8 tank washer included. Lifetime warranty.We are a manufacturer.

With our adapter you can use an standard CGA 320 or DIN477/W21.8 Co2 tank for instant saving.Easy to use- Easy to install-some pictures of our listing will help you how to install.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don't use siphon tube Co2 Tanks!! Our unit works with GAS CO2 only, not liquid CO2. liquid CO2 will create a bad taste in your drink.

Please contact us for a China Factory Wholesale price.

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